Mapped Waterfalls in Oregon

Zoom and pan the map to search the database. Click on any icon to open the page for that waterfall. For additional information, see the Help section.
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Using the Map Browser

The Map Browser is designed to allow for easy browsing of waterfalls in any given state, county, or based on a special topic like the Top 100 List. Clicking or tapping on an icon will open a tool tip with the name of the waterfall and a link to its full page. Only one tool tip can be open at a time, so clicking or tapping on another icon will close the previously selected one. You can also close it out by clicking on the "X" button at the top-right corner.

Navigating via the Map

Use your mouse to click and drag the map to pan around and change the area which the map shows. Only waterfalls for the current state will be marked on the map however. Zoom in and out either using the controls at the bottom right corner of the map window, by using the scroll wheel on your mouse, or pinch-zoom on your mobile device.

Icon Key

Cataloged Icon
Waterfalls which are Cataloged we have visited and surveyed in person. Statistical information should be quite accurate (for the most part), and exact measurements will often be available (information is not guaranteed to always be up to date). Detailed information, directions, and photographs will almost always be available.
Confirmed Icon
Confirmed Waterfalls are known to exist, should be relatively accurately mapped and geotagged, and the statistical information available will often be dependable. If height information is presented, it may be estimated but should be accurate. Directions will not likely be available.
Unconfirmed Icon
Unconfirmed Waterfalls are often marked on a published map, but we have yet to confirm the exact location and / or whether or not its stature is significant enough to qualify for listing in the database. Statistical information may be estimated and may be inaccurate. No directions.
Unknown Icon
Waterfalls marked as Unknown are either suspected to exist based on heresay or a hunch, or we have received unverified information suggesting a waterfall may exist near the location provided but cannot corroborate it in any way. Geodata may not be accurate, the location may not be known at all, and statistical information will be estimated and highly inaccurate.
Inundated Icon
Inundated Waterfalls have been submerged beneath lakes or reservoirs, usually a result of impoundment of a river behind a dam, and most often no longer functionally exist (there may be rare exceptions). We maintain records for these features out of historical importance.
Subterranean Icon
Though not common, some waterfalls can be found entirely underground within cave systems. Access to subterranean waterfalls can vary from easy via developed walkways to requiring a high level of extremely technical spelunking skill, including familiarity with ropework and a distinct lack of claustrophobia.
Disqualified Icon
Waterfalls which have been marked as Disqualified do not have the necessary stature or features to qualify as a legitimate waterfall according to our criteria. We will maintain records for entries with this status where the feature is well known and / or may have been historically referred to as a waterfall at some point in time.
Posted Icon
Posted Waterfalls are known to exist, and we may have a large amount of information associated with them, but are located on private property and are not legally accessible to the general public. Accessing waterfalls with this status should not be attempted without first being explicitly granted permission of the property owner.

Tool Bar

Above the map window you will find a tool bar with several options to assist in clarifying and navigating the data displayed on the map:

Display Options

The Display Options tab will allow you to toggle icons associated with waterfalls with a certain Status on or off. If you want to only see waterfalls which have been Cataloged - full survey reports, with pictures and directions - you can uncheck the boxes next to all but the Cataloged icon, and the remaining icons will be hidden on the map. This will only reset if the page refreshes, so be sure to re-enable the checkboxes if you wish to un-hide anything.

Switch to List View

Clicking the Switch to List View button will take you to a page listing all of the waterfalls in the database within the given State or County in a table format. Waterfalls for which there is no geodata available will only appear in the List view (these waterfall will not be displayed on the map).

View in Google Earth

If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, clicking this button will download a copy of the marker data in a .KMZ format and display it in Google Earth on your computer (it may not open automatically, depending on how you have file associations set up). This feature is not available on the Mobile version of the site.


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